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Why ?

We’ve put a lot of thought into how to put student needs at the centre of everything, and we’re pretty sure we’ve created a place where you’ll thrive.

When you know what ignites your soul, when you figure out what it is you want to do – whatever it may be – you go to .

Because chances are, we have the program that’s right for you. offers over 90 full-time regular programs and several specialized programs and part-time courses to help you build a career you’ll love.

 We're Training for Jobs that are Available

Now and in the coming years, New Brunswick will continue to face numerous job openings, stemming from an aging population and forthcoming retirements. To ensure we’re doing our part to meet this continued demand, works with businesses and industry to ensure our grads have the skills they need to fill those jobs. When you realize that produces more skilled workers than any other institution in New Brunswick, you go here. Because our graduates are job-ready, upon graduation.

 Make More Money (Sooner)

When you know that you can get a top-tier education within one year and then be out in the workforce earning money, you go to . The right education can help you EARN MORE. That’s a fact. In a typical 40-year career, college graduates will earn an incremental $420,000 compared to high school graduates without a postsecondary education1. As a government-funded public college, we offer affordable tuition. Plus, you GET TO THE WORKFORCE QUICKLY (within as little as 12 weeks)!

 Hands-On Learning

Learning is best done by doing! When you realize that learning at means getting in the mix with your training, whether it’s working on an automobile engine or planning out a building design, you’ll go to . Because you’ll get hands-on learning in our labs, shops, and classes. Plus, OVER 90% of our programs include real-world experience through ON-THE-JOB TRAINING.

 Our Graduates Get Jobs in New Brunswick

is the place to go when you know you want to learn and then get right out into the workforce. Need proof – 94% of the 2022 grad class were EMPLOYED within one year and of those students, 92% were able to find EMPLOYMENT HERE IN NB2.

 Small Class Sizes

When you know that you learn better in a smaller, focused environment – you’ll go to . Our small class sizes allow us to focus on your learning in an environment where ideas are shared freely while building MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS with your instructors and classmates. That means lots of personal attention to ENSURE YOU SUCCEED!

 You're Taught by Industry Professionals

Our instructors come from the industry they're teaching in. They care and want you to be CAREER READY in an industry that they are as passionate about as you are. They also stay connected and often know who is hiring. When you know that your success matters as much to your instructors as it does to you - you'll go to .

When you know, you go to .

 Check out ’s Programs

  NEW! Student Learning Experience Charter (pdf) - 's Student Learning Experience Charter outlines our commitment to students, to deliver a quality learning experience, and in return, sets out expectations for learners to ensure they make the most of their time with the College.

Source1 Stiletto Analysis, 2021
Source2 Prairie Research Associates (2023). "2023 Survey of Graduates of 2022 of the New Brunswick Community College".