Oasis Mentorship

Are you a small business owner facing specific challenges in your business?

’s OASIS program is a community mentorship program providing significant value to small businesses.

OASIS will support your business with a database of qualified mentors, professional development sessions and access to community networking activities.

About Oasis

OASIS connects small businesses facing unique challenges (mentees) with experienced entrepreneurs and community representatives (mentors) to provide them with the support, resources and guidance necessary to explore their entrepreneurial goals through tactical mentorship activities. OASIS also offers professional development opportunities to all participants on an ongoing basis.

Mentors do not write plans and proposals, conduct research, or engage in any other form of work on behalf on the Mentee. The Mentor’s role is to share their expertise and provide direct advice. By addressing the unique needs of the individual mentees, results can be seen in a short period. This is where OASIS will make a measurable difference.

Participants are mentored approximately 30 minutes a week for 12 weeks during which they work with a mentor on a specific business challenge. Participants are also invited to attend various professional development sessions scheduled over the 12 weeks.

  • You are a budding or already established entrepreneur who wants to build a successful business.
  • You want to build strategic connections in the community and have the opportunity to be exposed to the benefits of training and professional development opportunities.
  • You could benefit from a wealth of diverse experience and knowledge to help you through the challenges of owning your own business. 
  • Oasis provides multi-generational mentorship based on the specific and unique needs of individual mentees through resources and guidance necessary to explore their entrepreneurial goals.

  • You will nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs.
  • You will benefit from sharing your wisdom, guidance and knowledge on business and professional challenges.
  • You will make connections with new entrepreneurs and business community.
  • You will make a difference and contribute to community prosperity.

Oasis at a Glance

  • Program sessions run for 12 weeks
  • Participants have access to coordinated mentorship throughout the session based around THEIR schedule
  • There are numerous professional development opportunities during the session
  • Access to networking events
  • Tools and resources needed for business

Oasis Works

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